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Lumivara gets you to the positively completed exam in no time in Spanish. Business Administration. Law. Geography. Mathematics. Physics. Chemistry. Journalism. English. German. Psychology. Philosophy. Medicine. Architecture. Design. IT. Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Business Informatics. Industrial Engineering. Economics. Sociology. Political Science. Media Studies. Journalism. Marketing. Sales. Human Resources. Finance. Controlling. Accounting. Tax Law. Labor Law. Contract Law. European Law. International Law. Public Law. Constitutional Law. Administrative Law. Environmental Law. Commercial Law. Social Law. Media Law. IT Law. Patent Law. Trademark Law. Copyright Law. Competition Law.

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Lumivara Exam Trainer

The Lumivara Exam Trainer is an application that gives students easy access to learn for specific chapters or pages of documents and textbooks.

Users simply upload their file or choose a textbook and specify the chapters or page numbers. The following illustration explains the learning process in the Exam Trainer.

structured in sections

Each instance of the Exam Trainer begins with reading the text, or a summary thereof. Lumivara AI recognizes relevant circumstances. The first widget is always a reading widget – you can highlight relevant parts in the text, have the text read aloud, or open a chat that knows everything about the text and the document by clicking on the question mark.

A timer starts for each section to keep track of the study time and take breaks in time. You can reread the currently relevant page in the document/book with a click.

interactive widgets

All widgets are created within seconds by Lumivara AI. With the context the system has about students and teachers individually, it can accurately identify, re-mention knowledge gaps, and thereby prepare the students extremely well for an exam.

Instance chain

Through intelligent, automated chaining of different sections of a file, the system can convey a large amount of knowledge to the students despite the scope of a file or book, and document progress that is visible to the students.

scientific methods

The system has been designed and programmed to incorporate scientific methods such as active recall and to focus on multisensory learning.

Our customers report an unparalleled efficient learning experience.


The Lumivara Chat sets new standards in the market for digitized education.

With over twenty exclusive functions and tens of thousands of satisfied users, the chat is the leader in the European education world.



Lumivara’s notes app integrates seamlessly with all other software solutions from Lumivara.


AI features

Work efficiently with 10+ AI features.
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Work together with colleagues and friends in real-time.
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Automatically categorized

Notes are immediately sorted into the correct folder.
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Project management

Keep track of what's happening with others.
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Microphone <> Notes

Get real-time summary and raw transcript of a learning unit.

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